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Mooberry by Cece Thorpe, Kelley Gallery Art & Frame in Hudson, Roberts WI & Woodbury, MN
Lime MiniSinging in the Rain by Cece ThorpePoppycock by Cece Thorpe

*Artist: Cece Thorpe

CeCe Thorpe grew up in St. Paul, MN in an artistic family. At an early age she developed a love of art. She graduated from the St Cloud State, with a Communication -French degree with a Minor in Art History. After Graduation, she moved to Paris, France. There, she became immersed in the culture, meeting some of the local artists and spending Sundays at the Louvre Museum. After retuning she worked in television with some of the local shows, starting with ABC’s Good Company. Cece took painting workshops in Hudson area and has set on developing her style. She started with oil paintings of: giraffes, herons, cape buffalos and roosters.
Cece’s style is a combination of painterly realism, with a focus on expression and individual personality in all of her animal faces. She achieves this by starting with a good drawing, then pushing around the paint with a pallet knife…like frosting a cake. She also likes to play with color, resulting in whimsical and colorful paintings. She finds inspiration in everything, and complete joy in the painting process. Each oil painting is infused with an essential oil to fully involve the senses. She also works with acrylic paint, doing a style called an acrylic pour and is having fun teaching her two young children the style.

MooBerry | 20×20 | Acrylic on Canvas
At the Hudson, WI Gallery

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