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Nanci Fulmek

I was born in Pozzuli, Italy in 1974. I grew up in or near St. Paul, MN. I have been drawing for as long as I can remember. A the young age of 2, my mom was very surprised to see me draw a “bunny” that looked like a bunny! The first time I saw a horse, I instantly fell in love. Living in the city, I could never have a horse, so I decided to draw my own. I taught myself how to draw and paint. My main focus was on drawing horses.

During my senior year in high school, I was discovered by a race horse owner from Canterbury Downs. He saw me doodling and asked if I would do a commission for him. That turned everything around! I started to do commissions all over, referral after referral.

I have never taken art classes before being introduced to ‘The Atelier’ where I started as a part time evening student in 2004. There I was introduced to the techniques of the old masters learning classical realism. As of September 2004, I was able to start full time in their 5 year apprenticeship program under the local masters of Cyd Wicker & Dale Redpath. I will be specializing in portraits when I finish school.

I am currently building my portfolio. My primarily work is horse portraits. I have works in other portraits: Horses, people, cars, pets, houses, and many others areas. I also work in the following mediums: watercolor, pencil, charcoal and oil.

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