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Alexander Valley Vineyards by Patricia Duncan, 7x5 Pastel
Nature's Healing by Patricia Duncan, 9x12 PastelAlexander Valley Vineyards by Patricia Duncan, 7x5 Pastel

*Artist: Patricia Duncan

Patricia Duncan is a representational pastel and oil painter. Growing up on the prairies of South Dakota, her interest for drawing and painting was sparked from a very early age. Currently living part of her time in the beautiful St. Croix Valley of Northwest Wisconsin and surrounded by lakes and Wisconsin farmland, this place continues to nurture her love for the outdoors and is a continual source of inspiration.
With the opportunity to live abroad in London, England and her extensive travel to various parts of the world, these opportunities have provided many subjects to draw from for inspiration. She is particularly drawn to cultural diversity when picking her subject matter. She prefers painting natural landscape, people, animals, architecture and still life.
With Patricia’s interest in art since childhood, to further her education in the arts, she pursued a fine arts degree at the University of Utah in the performing arts ballet division. Through these experiences, her passion and desire to continue to develop her artistic endeavors grew stronger. After raising five children, her life long dream is being realized to pursue her art.
She has participated in classes and workshops taught by nationally and internationally known artists. Patricia continues to train extensively under Plein Air Painters of America signature artist, Joseph Paquet and portrait/still life artist Jeff Hurinenko. Her desire to refine her drawing and painting skills is evident to her commitment to artistic growth.
I heard a saying once that “one must let the beauty you love be what you do”. There are always continual defining moments in our lives, where we have opportunities to impart dynamic statements. Dynamic statements creates a strong and powerful need to express our inner desires. It causes us to develop that deep desire to take a bold step outside of ourselves, daring to take risk, and unleashing the unending energy and driven passion that lies deep within the human soul. When we embrace these dynamic and divine moments, our lives can be so deeply moved and changed.
Patricia Duncan

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