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Artist Stephen Wysocki, Kelley Gallery Art & Frame in Hudson, Roberts WI & Woodbury, MN
Strange Light in the Sky by Stephen Wysocki, 14x11 OilBison Blue by Stephen Wysocki, 5x7 OilBuffalo Fever by Stephen Wysocki, 16x20 Oil

*Artist: Stephen Wysocki

I love to paint and am always painting, even when I don’t have a brush in my hand, I can’t get away from it, it's that simple. When I’m in my studio and run out of ideas I know it’s time to get out and do some Plein Air painting; then the subjects just appear.

My mission is to show beauty in the ordinary, to allow the viewer to experience an image they see every day in a new way. I gravitate to ordinary structures or roadside junk, rusty and for sale. I see the hard edge contrasts these everyday objects convey, and try to portray that in the hues and shadows of my paintings. There is joy in this old stuff, and I try to capture this feeling.

I am always looking to create an atmosphere in my work. I believe color can stand alone to convey a mood in a piece of work. I like to explore an image by playing with the many warm and cool tones. Texturing the canvases enhances the temperament and aura of my work.

This is what drives me to paint. I like to let the paint tell the story that I am trying to convey. I don't like to dwell on every detail for someone to see my intent, but I also don’t like my paintings to be muddy. I like them to be loose, wet on wet, what ever you call it, my painting style is not controlled—it's more of a discovery.

In the spring of 1990, I studied at the Milwaukee Institute of Art and Design for one semester. However influential, city life was not for me. I longed to be back in the Northwoods, and decided to continue my schooling at Nicolet College in Rhinelander, WI, where I spent five semesters. I finished my Bachelor of Arts degree in 1997 at the University of Wisconsin of Green Bay. During this time, I studied art abroad in England.

I have the honor of having works in the permanent collection of University of Wisconsin Green Bay, and in Bay College, Iron Mountain, MI.

I currently work at our family business, operating the Armstrong Creek Bison Ranch along with my father and brother.

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