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Popping Pop by Sylvia Benson, Kelley Gallery Art & Frame in Hudson, Roberts WI & Woodbury, MN

*Artist: Sylvia Benson


I am a university watercolor professor from Mahtomedi MN, who fell in love with encaustic.  It is my goal to share this remarkable, ancient Greek art form with those who appreciate the “old” becoming contemporary.
I believe art represents society’s aspiration for the highest interaction a culture can attain. Art is originating from the love of creating and the essence of the higher self. Encaustic art represents my way of enjoying and making the world a more beautiful place in which to live.

Encaustic Painting Process

Encaustic is a beeswax based paint that is kept molten on a heated palette.  Encaustic paint is simply beeswax, resin, and pigment.  It is applied to a surface and reheated to fuse the paint into a uniform enamel-like finish.  The ancient Greeks developed encaustic over 2,000 years ago.  The word encaustic derives from the Greek word enkaustikos, meaning “to heat” or “to burn”.  The wax layers of an encaustic painting need to be “burned in”.  This simply means fusing the layers of wax together with heat to ensure that the different layers of wax are bonded together and will not flake apart.  When cool the painting is finished, no further changes ever take place.

Artist's Collection

Popping Poppies | 8 x 12 | Original Wax Encaustic
Available at the Hudson, WI Gallery