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Meyer-Solo-Sienna-webMeyer-Close-Quarters by Terry Meyer, Kelley Gallery Art & Frame in Hudson, Roberts WI & Woodbury, MNMeyer-3-Running-Horses-szd

*Artist: Terry Meyer

Originally from Milwaukee, Terry Meyer now lives and paints at his studio in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. He has painted all his life and has also worked in a variety of other mediums including wood, clay and steel. His current focus is on watercolor and oil. Meyer has won numerous awards as he participates in shows across the country, and often donates his work to community organizations. He has many individual and corporate patrons across the country as well as representation in many fine art galleries.

Artist Statement
As an artist, I connect with the energy and motion in the environment around us. My artwork serves as a conduit for expressing that connection. It is the assimilation of this spirit that inspires my work. Within the medium of painting, watercolor provides a flow and softness that is almost meditative as I translate this energy through brushstrokes. Oils are more kinesthetic; I can feel the substance of the paint and its power, translating the environment around me. My preference is for organic, earthy color that is more contemplative and healing. My work often evokes an emotional response from viewers, feeling a spiritual connection, drawn from their own personal experiences.

Skittish | 24 x 46 | Watercolor | Framed
Available | Hudson, WI Gallery

Artist’s Collection


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