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Pretty Boy by Laurie Swanson, 16x20 Oil, Kelley Gallery Art & Frame in Hudson, Roberts WI & Woodbury, MN
Ozzie by Laurie Swanson, 8x10 OilPainted Patty by Laurie Swanson, 20x16 OilMoose Tracks by Laurie Swanson, 14x11 Oil

*Artist: Laurie Swanson

With a splintering of light and a splash of bright color – the movement of brush and palette knife, energy passes from artist to canvas and the painting begins.

Laurie is a full time artist and has shown her work in galleries, including Kelley Gallery both in Woodbury, MN and Hudson, WI. Laurie is also a private art instructor and has enjoyed teaching numerous up and coming young artists. She has a passion for her art, and she paints on a daily basis. She draws her art first, thinking of composition and color, which gives her a sense of balance. Her ideas come from the birds outside her kitchen window to a long forgotten idea tucked away for a later use.

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